Helping Families and Friends Honour Their Loved One


When choosing what is the best choice for the environment, then considering an eco funeral is the right choice to make. Thoughtful, gentle and unique, aswell as providing everlasting grace and respect, is what eco funerals are all about. When the body of our loss has been buried in the woodlands, a memorial tree is planted aside the burial plot.This tree and its soil, aswell as all of the surrounding plants, will absorb all of the bodies nutrients over time, thus contributing to the circle of life, making this a living memorial to those buried within the eco cemetery. A precious place for family and friends to visit. Eco burials are becoming a very popular choice amongst funerals all across the country now, it’s a native tradition that harbours the delight to be able to visit your loved one in a very unique way, surrounded by beautiful natural environments and seeing their tree, steadily growing over time as the planets essence absorbs your loved one back into the care of mother nature. Due to regulations regarding eco burials and its environmental friendly manner, there are certain factors that will need to be met, before a burial service can take place. All eco cemeteries try to keep their grounds as ‘natural’ as possible, the cemetery will not usually introduce anything that will interfere with the environmental processes, such as coffins of untreated sustainable wood, or deceased that have been embalmed. Only aerobic organically active soil will be used, over planted with a tree, that is common to the area of burial.


Key Factors:


  • No Embalming:- Deceased buried on eco-friendly burial sites must not be embalmed, this is usually due to reducing the amount of artificial and toxic chemicals and other materials that are introduced to the soil.
  • Caskets:- Caskets that are buried on eco-friendly burial sites, must be made from sustainably grown and harvested wood, and are not treated with chemicals or artificial compounds made after or during the manufacturing of the casket and its accessories.
  • Trees:- Usually a selection of young trees, native to the area of burial are available for you to choose from, this tree is planted at the head or base of the burial plot, and is considered as a step towards the reconciliation of our natural habitat.


Please contact Sue, to discuss any further questions that you may have. Sue will make an appointment at any time, day or night, and will talk you through everything you need to know about eco-funerals. Thankyou.
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