Helping Families and Friends Honour Their Loved One
Sue has delicately prepared instructions below, regarding what to do during the time of an unfortunate loss. However if you are still unsure about what you should do, please don’t hesitate to contact Sue at your immediate convenience, whom will be there what ever the time, to advise you on what your next steps should be.
When someone passes away at hospital
If someone has passed away in hospital, an arrangement is made by either the nursing staff or the admin teams, for a doctor to issue a ‘Medical Certificate of Death’. You will then need to collect this certificate, as well as any possessions. If at this point the decision has been made by you, the next of kin or the family to choose cremation as a funeral, then please notify the hospital or nursing staff, to allow them to make any further arrangements for any additional documents that may be required. You can contact Sue at this stage, where an appointment convenient to you, day or night, can be made for Sue  to discuss further arrangements regarding the funeral. The deceased can also be taken into Sue’s care at this time if you choose so.
When someone passes away at home or in a nursing home
If someone has passed away at home or in a nursing home, the first step to take will be to telephone the deceased’s doctor. If the doctor is capable to determine the cause of death, he or she will issue a ‘Medical Certificate of Death’. In a nursing home, it is usually the nursing staff that will liaise with the doctor. After informing the doctor, it is at this point that you can contact Sue, whom will make arrangements, at any time of the day or night to discuss what to do next.
When someone passes away unexpectedly
When someone passes away suddenly, under usual circumstances the coroner will become involved. Coroners become involved in most sudden or unexpected deaths. Contact Sue as soon as possible to be advised on what to do next, Sue can also liaise with the coroner at this point.
When someone passes away abroad or away from home
If someone has passed away, abroad or away from home, either in the UK or not, contact Sue whom can make all of the important arrangements for you.
Bringing the deceased into Sue’s care
Sue will ask you whether you would like the deceased to be taken into Sue’s care, prior to the funeral. The deceased can rest before the funeral at Sue’s funeral home, or alternatively if it is safe enough to return them, they can rest at home. If you decide to have the deceased at home, Sue will offer to take them into her care temporarily, and return them home after all the preparations have taken place. This is purely preferential, and you can discuss your options with Sue.
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